Saturday, January 22, 2011

Aku suka - Suka aku

Helo Helo Helo ! ! !

 Because I`m A Fool
by Jung Yong Hwa

Because I am a fool - its seems to be so
Even it is pains me, it seems to be alright
Even if I`m teased for my foolish love
Because I`m impossible fool

Wanting you,treating you well
I was happy with just that
If you smiled at me even just once
I would be happy with that smile

Till the person she likes comes around
I`ll just stay by her side like this
This is a love that is blissful with me being able to give
I don`t wish for anything

In a place where she`ll reach whenever she puts out her hand
In a place where she`ll be audible whenever she calls for me
I will be in that place unchangingly
Because I love her

Because it`s the love I chose
I was happy even with the pain
If you turned and looked back even just once
I would be happy with that

Till the person who will take my place in protecting you comes around
I`ll stay by her side just for a while
This is a love that is blissful even if I just watched you
I don`t need anything

To be her reliance every time so she can rest
I will stay as how I always was
Even if she leaves me without saying bye
I will send off with feelings of thanks

** Oke.lagu ni patut dedicate from boy to xkesahla..lagu ape pon sape2 bole,lagu ni aku x tuju kat sesape aku suka melodi dia..soulful..sangat best!senang citer aku memang suke over-all citer neyh..sape2 blom dengar,dengar sekejap je lagunye..hehe **


suka bebel sana-sini supaya hepi !!!

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